About Project

The smartest way to find the right partner to pursue your hobby, no matter where they happen to be! Whether you like to play badminton every day, or just walk around a park, we’ve got you connected with the right partner on tablet and mobile! The credo of the app is to connect players with each other, even when they have shifted so as to keep their passion for the sport alive.

An app service designed for people who are hobby aficionados but are in crisis because have recently shifted cities/neighborhood, Players connects people with each other having similar hobby in your vicinity, even when they are on a move!

The app has no registration forms. It uses GPS services to map the user with other players in his/her vicinity. This selection can also be done on the basis of a variety of factors like gender, category of sport, interest, budget and so on. If you are looking for someone who shares the love for sports, this is the perfect solution for you!